Without doubt, Yutaka Sushi Bistro Dallas remains as the most favorite sushi restaurants throughout Dallas. Located in 2633 McKinney Ave Ste 140, this restaurant is definitely the best option for everyone, who wants to spend a great meal time at a very cozy restaurant, regardless of its small space. But, it is still comfortable to dine in.

As the name implies, of course, everyone will meet many kinds of sushi on the menu. But, there are still more to explore than the common sushi. There are also some raw fish menus like yellowtail, tuna and salmon. All of them are worth trying as they are served in a clean and fresh condition. Definitely, the taste speaks louder than the performance itself.

Among the most popular menus include Kari Roll. This is an outstanding menu that becomes the icon of Yutaka Sushi Bistro Dallas. There is no similar Japanese restaurant throughout this city can offer this tasty menu. Its decent price is worth paying, thanks to its extraordinary taste that melts in the mouth.

Other recommended menus are its spicy tuna dumplings, Asahi Black, vegetable and shrimp tempura, and the list is endless. They are the regular menus, while there are always new kinds of dishes every week or even every day. Here, guests should ask actively to the waiters to ask new menus. This is especially for guests, who often spend their dining time here. Yutaka Sushi Bistro Dallas is also the best place to have a small party for four to ten people. The service is good, though it can be somewhat slower when this bistro is full, especially on weekends. But, nobody seems to lose the patience, here. Some people think that every menu is served in a very small portion. Well, it depends on each person’s taste. But, all in all, this place is the sushi Mecca that everyone can find in Dallas.

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